Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Baby Bears Boredom

Baby bear seems to get bored so easily with his toys. It's so frustrating, you spend all this money on toys that he only plays with for a few minutes and then gets bored with. I set up a play area in my living room for him. I put a big blanket down on the floor with a few toys. He will sit there for a few minutes and play with them and then wonder over to the remote control or telephone and wanna play with that instead. He seems to find household items more interesting than his toys. I even baught him a play phone thinking he would love that. Nope! he would still rather have the real thing. Sometimes I will give him a plastic bowl and spoon to play with, it seems to keep him occupied a little bit longer.

He got an Exersaucer as a baby shower gift. I remember how my nephews loved playing in theirs for hours so I thought great put him in there he can play and I can get some housework done. He'll go in for all of 5 minutes maybe 10 and then he's crying to get out! He also got a Jolly Jumper as a baby shower gift. I used to be able to put him in there and he would jump for a good while, sometimes up until an hour. He loved it!! It was great I could get my housework done, cook dinner etc. Now when I put him in and he will only last 10 minutes and he is whining again to get out. I know babies have a small attention span, but I didn't realise it was going to be this small. At least it's improving my imagination skills in trying to find new and exciting things for him to do.

Mamma Bear Tips:

- Garage sales are a great place to get cheap toys when your baby bear get's bored of his/hers

- Household items make great substitutes for toys


  1. Hey! Have you thought about rotating his toys? Babies will think they have new toys to play with if they are out of sight for a fews days. Thanks for the link exchange, I've linked you on my site too :)

  2. the rotation idea is great. also some play with them and some dont'. hard to know which will and which won't. we used to wrap things up in wrapping paper at times when they were old enough to understand the concept of a gift.

    funny stuff.



  3. I've awarded your blog. Check out my site for details :)