Thursday, August 6, 2009

Watch out!!! Baby Bear is on the move

"Cherish the fact that Baby Bear can not crawl" I must have heard it a million times from family and friends, but until he actually started crawling I didn't realize just how much they meant it. He is just a motoring around my house like there is no tomorrow. Oh what I wouldn't give to have an ounce of the energy he has!! I can't keep up with him. He's the Energizer Bunny!!

I guess since he hasn't been able to move him self around in 7 1/2 months he is getting all that built up energy out in full force now!! It is so cute to see him discover his surroundings in a whole new light. You can just see the curiosity in his eyes every time he discovers a new place to see or something new to touch. It has definitely cured his boredom :D

Some one needs to invent some baby knee pads tho his poor little knees are all red from our carpet. I have tried putting pants on him but it doesn't help that much his knees are still getting pretty red and he is sweating because it's so hot. I think I am going to get those big mats they have now that connect together, that may be a little softer for him. If anyone knows of anything else that will help Baby Bears red knees let me know!!

Some Baby Bear Tip's that helped him learn to crawl:

- Practice tummy time with your baby, eventually he/she will prop themselves up on their hands and knees.

- Place a toy slightly out of reach. Your baby will want to play with it and try to get him/herself closer to the toy.

- Get down on the floor with your baby. Place the baby on one side of the room and you sit on the other side. Clap and cheer your baby on, he/she will want to come to you and eventually with time get there.

These are just some tips that I used with Baby Bear that seemed to get him going.


  1. So exciting! I am chasing B.B. all around the house too, he also loves crawling and exploring!
    As for the rug burns, try using an old pair of socks (cut the toes off first) and slip them onto his knees.

  2. Wait till your baby learns to walk, but that would be another story :)

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