Thursday, July 9, 2009


It never crossed my mind that I wouldn't breast feed my baby. It was definately the healthiest option, certainly the cheapest! and I was really looking forward to having that special bond it created with my little baby bear. I would have thaught it would come so natural, I mean mothers have been nursing babies for centuries. So when the little bugger wouldn't/couldn't latch on I was frustrated and heartbroken to say the least. What was wrong with me?? what was wrong with him?? why couldn't we do this when so many others had no problems with this. According to the nurse I had flat nipples which makes it very difficult for baby bear to get a latch. So after many failed attempts, and many many tears later, we decided to try a formula feed. This was not what I wanted at all but could it really be that bad?? My mother formula fed me and I didn't turn out that bad did I?? Formula although not my first option, will still give my baby all the nutrition he will need, and it will still be a good way to bond with the baby. Not only will I be able to feed the baby, my husband will also be able to have that bonding time with the baby as well.

Mamma Bear Tip......

Wow! is formula ever expensive!! For a mother on maternity leave I wanted to find out what I could do to cut the costs. A friend of mine tipped me off to a great way to save $$$$. If you go on the formula company websites you can sign up to get coupons and free offers in the mail!! Baby bear uses Similac formula so we went to their website and signed up for their Welcome Addition Club and they sent us free samples in the mail and checks for $5, $10, & $15 off! What a bargoon!! So then I signed up for all the baby websites, Heinz, Johnson & Johnson, etc. and I am saving so much!

So I pass this tip on to all you new momma bears, sign up for these baby clubs!! You'll be rolling in the savings.

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